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The APL is directly given to the owner of the accommodation. The owner deduces the amount of the APL from the rent and the tenant only pays what’s left to pay.

French and foreign students can get this assistance if they live in an accommodation that enter into the agreements. That is the case of the numerous accommodations managed by the CROUS. The personal income of the student is taken into account.

If the student is less than 20 years old and if his family is receiving family benefits or the “RSA” (a French social benefit), a choice has to be made between the APL and these benefits as they can’t receive both. If the student chooses the APL, the family benefits or the RSA can be reduced or even cut for good.


The ALS is granted to tenants living in accommodations that don’t enter into the agreements. It is paid by the CAF directly to the students. The conditions are the same than the ones required to get the APL. To know more about it, log on the website of the CAF. You can also make a simulation online to know how much you could receive.

Find below the CAF’s brochures in English (the French and Spanish brochures are on the French version of this website) :


The CROUS makes your procedures to get a housing assistance easier. The ALS is directly paid by the CAF to the CROUS that manages the hall of residence: we call it “the third party payer”. Now, you don’t have to pay the whole rent of your room. You will only pay what’s left to pay after the deduction of the ALS from the rent.

You only have to do one thing to benefit from this aid: fill the housing assistance’s application file in, attach the supporting documents and give everything to the office of your hall of residence.


Fill the ALS’ request file in: www.caf.fr

Here are the necessary information for the CAF’s assistance request:

Your beneficiary number and your confidential code if you are already a beneficiary,

  • The complete address of the accommodation you are going to rent
  • Your annual income.

And if you encounter difficulties to fill some part of the application in, the administration office of your hall of residence can help you. Computers are also available at the CROUS or at your hall of residence.

Give this file to the office of your hall of residence. The file has to be given with all the required supporting documents. The CROUS will give it directly to the CAF.

Supporting documents to attach to your application:

  • The accommodation proof completed by the manager of the hall of residence.
  • The (readable) copy of your ID, passport or birth certificate.


If you got an accommodation in a hall of residence, you will have to pay a security deposit and give a commitment of joint and several guarantee. Furthermore, in the private sector, the lessors will ask you for a security deposit (1 month of rent) and will require that someone stand surety for you.

In order to pay the security deposit, the tenant can solicit:

  • A “loca-pass” advance which is a loan granted by an organization of housing action. This financial aid is given no matter what the accommodation is, no matter if it belongs to a private or social owner. This loan comes without interests or application fees.
  • An assistance under the form of loans or grants from the housing solidarity funds (Fonds de solidarité pour le logement or FSL).


This aid to the tenant includes two parts:

The LOCA-PASS advance : free advance of the security deposit granted under the form of a loan without interest and redeemable over a maximum length of 36 months (monthly payments of minimum 15€ and refundable over a 3 months period maximim after leaving the accomodation).

The LOCA-PASS security : third-party guarante of a 3 months length given to the lassor and covering 18 monthly payments maximum.

Who can get the LOCA-PASS? You must be in one of the following cases to benefit from the Loca-Pass:

  • State scholarship holders
  • Students who are less than 30 years old and who can prove of a temporary contract or a trainee agreement, for a duration of at least 3 months, ongoing during the assistance’s request.
  • Students who are less than 30 years old and who can prove during the 6 months after the assistance’s request of one or more temporary contracts of at least 3 months when put all together.

Aids are granted to state scholarship holders on the presentation of the conditional notification of scholarship. The beneficiary commits to give to the organization the final notification as soon as he receives it and at the latest within 6 months following the Loca-Pass request.

At the end of these 6 months, and unless presentation of this document, the student will not be able to benefit from this aid and will have to pay back the sum of money that was given to him.

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