Message to students

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Message to students

The Crous are adapting as the situation linked to the COVID19 epidemic evolves, always keeping in mind the objective of providing the best support for students.

The purpose of this message is to inform you of the organization implemented to date in the various mission fields that are ours.

  • In terms of accommodation: Housed students have been invited since Friday march 13th and are invited today and in the coming days, to go back to their family home, in order to avoid staying in their accommodation in isolation, especially considering that we cannot maintain collective activities. However, this does not in any way mean that those who wish to stay for reasons that belong to them, will be forced to leave. They will continue to be welcomed in our residences which remain open.

In this context, to help you deal with departures that are linked to a public health measure, if you had to or must leave quickly, even without being able to fully vacate your room, the contractual notice of one month will not apply . As of April 1st, all students who have left their room will no longer pay their rent. However, the CROUS services must be duly informed.

Also, each student who decides to leave his accommodation or who has left it in the past few days is asked to inform via email his residence without delay.

As much as possible, students who wish to find accommodation when training activities resume, will be welcomed in our residences.

  • In terms of catering: In view of both national decisions concerning this field of activity and the closing of higher education establishments with regard to their face-to-face training activity, since this Monday, catering will not be provided. When the organization allowed it and the needs of the students were more significant, take-out spaces were maintained. Due to the decisions of the Presidency last night, aimed at limiting travel and groupings, catering for students, whatever its form can no longer be ensured.
  • In terms of scholarships based on social criteria, we have placed first priority, at the level of CNOUS as of each of the CROUS, that there should be no interruption in the procedure for examining files as well as for payment. Even if staff are forced to work remotely, business continuity plans help ensure this.
  • In terms of social support and specific assistance, social workers remain mobilized, but student requests and exchanges with them are organized by telephone or by email. They can be contacted as follows :


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